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steel and gravel, velvet-covered

steel and gravel, velvet-covered
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Welcome to liz_ronon - for fans of the Elizabeth Weir/Ronon Dex interaction and pairing in Stargate Atlantis.

Why Elizabeth and Ronon?

Well, why not?

So that's not exactly helpful if you're just browsing around and happened to find us!

Our reasons for liking/watching this pairing are almost certainly fairly broad, although, in the end, I suspect quite a bit of it comes down to: "Because they're hot together!"

Try this Elizabeth/Ronon ship manifesto by tielan for a bit of an introduction to the pairing. Spoilers go up to episode 2.17 'Coup d'Etat'.

If you come bearing fic, art, icons, thoughts, essays, squees, or interview bits, we'd love to see them here!

If you've been looking for somewhere to enjoy this pairing, then welcome along and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Why liz_ronon?

Because it was shorter than elizabeth_ronon and I'm lazy when it comes to typing these things in.

Basic Rules
1. Be polite always - no flaming.
2. Put long posts, fanfic, and large images behind an lj-cut.
3. Please keep spoilers behind an lj-cut.

And a request from a mod who dislikes 'smushnames' (Shweir, Sheyla, McShep, McWeir...): please refer to the ship by its full name 'Elizabeth/Ronon' or 'Ronon/Elizabeth', 'Liz/Ronon' or 'Ronon/Liz', 'Dex/Weir' or 'Weir/Dex', but not by a smushname.

Current Spoilers
Spoilers are a tricky thing to judge. Basically, all spoilers for the current and future seasons - as defined by screening in the United States - should go under an lj-cut.

The casting changes in Season Four are no longer considered spoilers. The mod is presuming that if you enjoy the show enough to be on LiveJournal and active in this community, you either watch the show and are aware of the changes or keep up with the news about the changes to the show.

For promotion of this community on your LJs and sites!
Icons kindly made by seldear and stored on her site. Please store them on your own server space and don't hotlink them!

The banner and site layout was taken care of by allisnow, who co-maintains this community with me (tielan).