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New Khal Drogo/Jason Momoa/Game of Thrones Fan Community--Join Up! :)

Hello all.

Just a heads up--I realized that there were many Khal Drogo/Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) lovers on LJ (including myself ;)), so I've created a new community dedicated to him! Fans of Khal (book, TV or both!), Jason Momoa in general, and GoT fans in general (book, TV or both!), please feel free to join!




Hope to see you there!
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Heart of a Rogue [NC-17]

Hello, this is my first posting to this community and I come bearing a story! I hope I'm doing this right...

Title: Heart of a Rogue
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Hot sex
Disclaimer: Not mine

Summary: Atlantis is in desperate need of a ZPM and space pirates may be the ones who have one. Ronon Dex and Elizabeth Weir end up undercover trying to discover if the rumors are true. Dex/Weir pairing.

Please enjoy!
Confessors - Gay for Caitlin

Fanfic: The View (1/1) Ronon/Elizabeth [NC-17]

Title: The View
Author: Caitlin Morgan (muses_mistress)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ronon/Elizabeth
Word Count: 3,120
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine to play with, I'd have one hell of a good time messing with them!
Warnings: None (that I'm aware of)
Feedback: Pretty please!
Summary: The view from the top of Chyanne mountain is nothing compaired to the company.

Authors Note: Written for my friend Amy's birthday.

The View